Barricade is a simple yet entertaining board game, also known as Malefiz
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Mathieu Rossignol

Barricade is a simple yet entertaining board game. This application is an electronic remake of this famous board game, made available for any operating system where Java can be installed.
Also known as Malefiz, Barricade is a turn based game with pretty simple rules. It can be played by the whole family, as it’s simple enough for kids as well. Even if its rules are pretty simple, sophisticated strategies that involve thorough thinking and anticipation can make a difference. This version of Barricade can be played either alone against the computer or against real players either on the local network (LAN) or through the Internet.

This game comes with plenty of handy additional options and features. You can resize the board size, enable or disable the built-in music and sound effects, save and reload a game, and many more. Even a powerful board editor that lets you create custom boards is included. The fact that it is a Java-based game makes it available for different platforms. As you can see, this game comes with a lot of advantages and has no downsides, so I highly recommend it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows customizing the board size
  • Comes with a comprehensive offline "help" file that includes the game rules
  • Can be played versus human opponents and versus the computer


  • Cannot save and reload a game in the free trial version
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